The following testimonial's are actual statements made by past students and or parents. For privacy purposes, we have only put first names, however these are real life stories of people just like you who found help through our program.

"I came to the crossroads of my life just about five months ago. I was forced to make a choicel I could continue leading a life of self-destruction or I could begin a mysterious journey of which I knew nothing about. When I arrived at Eagle Quest, an outdoor emotional growth program, I was completely oblivious to life. I was a stranger to own myself. It wasn't until I began working the rhythms and working with my peers and staff around me that I began to really grasp the program.

The rhythms of Eagle Quest are emotional growth workbooks which give each student a good direction of self-strength. Through working the rhythms, hiking miles upon miles a day, and facing some of deepest fears, I had found a strong will to become a better person I had always wished to be. All of the difficult and complex work I was doing in my program formed me into a hard working, loving, and spiritual person. I have transformed from the world's most lackadaisical follower to a superb leader.

Living within the natural environment with only what one is able to carry on her back is an astounding experience. Hiking the mountains and valleys of the desert, drinking the pure water from the streams of the Earth, and sleeping upon mother nature's natural bed of soil has led me into a great spiritual awakening. Out here I have become one with nature, I have become one with myself. Mother Earth has taught me to love myself and care for the environment in which we live quite immensely.

As a student at Eagle Quest I really felt the togetherness of the people in my clan. Everyone came together, despite our differences, and worked with each other as a family. Working with my peers and staff came as a challenge at first, but once I found my love for others all things went smoothly. When I became an adult at eighteen and was brought into the Peer Staff position, I found working with the people around me was a great pleasure. I was able to help the students under me, progress their program and become great successes.

Working with Eagle Quest has been an exceptionally wonderful experience for me. It has helped me prosper beyond belief. I have been able to see many of my own dreams come true from this breaktaking experience. The Journey I chose five months back is one I will never walk through with the exact footsteps again. Though I do wish to place more footprints in the soft ground of life and continue to prosper emotionally, mentally, and spiritually."

Dear Mark,
Once again, Al and I would like to thank you and the entire staff for help and support given to Allen. It was so reassuring to hear his voice on the phone. It sounded as if I was speaking to my father!
Mark, you and your staff has touched Allen’s life, we will be learning about for a long time to come. May God richly Bless you and yours. May he keep your safe.

Most fondly,
Al and Kris