Questions to help you see the level of risk that your child is exposed to due to his/her behavior.

Lower Risk Questions

Argumentative / easily offended / defensive
Blatant disrespect / dislike for authority
Victim stance (they believe the world doesn't give them what they are entitled to, so they view themselves as wrongfully treated and thus a victim.)
Sneaky / lying by omission
Change in sleeping patterns / eating habits
Lack of motivation / much more lazy
Externalizing blame (blames everyone / everything else)
Acts Out as if the world / everyone owes them
Feels that everyone is against them
Denial (doesn't think anything's wrong / doesn't think they need help)
Justification; for example, "because of this____, I am justified in doing___
Disregards Rules
Suddenly changes friends and makes them top priority
Rationalizes / makes excuses
Needing to be different, stand out from the norm
Assumes the worst in what other people think about them

Medium Risk Questions

Casts away from family / from home often / communication suddenly becomes short and frank
Given up personal interests
Impulsive behavior (I want this right now / acts out with disregard for consequences)
Pays more attention to negative events, rejects positive activities
Missing items around the home
Inclined aggression / violence / assaulting behavior
Sudden change in appearance
Constant threats (verbally or physically)
Selling personal items / increase in cash or possessions
Social withdrawal
Frequent depression and discouragement

Higher Risk Questions

Attempts suicide or threatens
Runs away from home or threatens
Self mutilation
Trouble with the law
Involvement with cult activities
Problems at school; expulsion, many suspensions, truancy (excessive absences), falling far behind in school